Who Won the 1928
Boston Marathon

Clarence DeMar (Massachusetts)


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1928 Boston Marathon Winner Clarence DeMar News

More stories of American endurance

Jackson County Newspapers
John Hosbrook; Clarence DeMar; Leigh Whitaker; Kris and Kaya. Each showed courage and endurance while contributing to the family stories that form our American mosaic. Everyone's now doing DNA to trace their roots. But you may find interesting family ...

1928 Boston Marathon Winner Clarence DeMar News

Stories of American endurance

Keyser Mineral Daily News Tribune
Howard's first-cousin was Clarence DeMar — who had a gift and a gait for running, chasing jack rabbits down the Madeira hills on his way to school. Clarence never stopped running, even to work as an adult. Someone suggested he enter the Boston ...

1928 Boston Marathon Winner Clarence DeMar News

Four short stories of American endurance

Waxahachie Daily Light
But the true greatness of Clarence DeMar was in the future, not the past—for he never quit running, running on forever, as it were, for the sheer fun and challenge of competing. He ran his last Boston Marathon at age 65 and his last road race at age ...

1928 Boston Marathon Winner Clarence DeMar News

Documentary 'Boston' Brings Historical Events From Past Marathons To Life

CBS Boston / WBZ
BOSTON (CBS) – The documentary “Boston” captured the history of the Boston Marathon in less than two hours and the director has worked to provide as many factual events as possible. “A lot of people know of the Boston Marathon. It's a legendary event.

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