Who Won the 1905
Boston Marathon

Frederick Lorz (New York)


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1905 Boston Marathon Winner Frederick Lorz News

Athletes drinking brandy during races, a marathon runner DRIVING to the finish and the gymnast with a wooden leg ...

Daily Mail
The undisputed hero of the Games was American gymnast George Eyser, who managed to win an astonishing brace of six medals despite having a wooden leg. The men's marathon race deserves a special mention. Ed Lorz, the original winner, was found to ...

1905 Boston Marathon Winner Frederick Lorz News

The weirdest moments EVER at the Olympics

Birmingham Mail
American Fred Lorz decided enough was enough after reaching the marathon's only water-station at 12 miles and hitched a lift in a car. He would've got away with it, but sportingly confessed to Alice Roosevelt during the gold medal ceremony. Cuban Felix ...

1905 Boston Marathon Winner Frederick Lorz News

These 10 cheating stories stretch the bounds of what people will do for Olympic glory

National Post
The winner, Frederick Lorz, ran about 14 km, got in a car for 16 km, then disembarked and ran the last leg; he nearly received gold before the ruse — a “joke,” he said — was exposed. The actual winner, Thomas Hicks, only crossed the finish line after ...

1905 Boston Marathon Winner Frederick Lorz News

The Rio Olympics are “troubled” — but aren't they always?

The Denver Post
There are, and have been since the Olympics were revived in 1896; an early scandal involved American marathon runner Frederick Lorz, who “won” the race in the 1904 Summer Games but later admitted he hitched a ride in a car for almost half the 26-mile ...

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