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2000 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

Mamma Mia! Here they go again

Irish Times
This week I learned four things. 1) Cher is going to be in Mamma Mia II. 2) There is going to be a Mamma Mia II. 3) Mamma Mia! (I; the I was redundant until recently) is available to watch on Netflix. And . . . 4) If you sit near the window and angle ...

2000 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

Where Are Josh & Cher From 'Clueless' Now? Movie Writer Reveals Where They End Up & It's Perfect – EXCLUSIVE

Elite Daily
But where would Cher and Josh from Clueless be today? We have a potential answer. Amazon's charming and addictive Red Oaks hits the streaming service for its third and final season on Oct. 20 and Heckerling got behind the camera for two of the show's ...

2000 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

Irina Shayk Takes Cher Hair for a Test Drive in New York City

With idiosyncratic bobs, buzz cuts (and their subsequent grow-out phases), and arctic-inspired dye jobs dominating the current celebrity landscape, it's nice to know that down-to-there Cher hair still has its place. The latest to swing her interminable ...

2000 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

She's a Conservative Who Loves Cher. Could She Be New York's ...

New York Times
The mayoral candidate faces long odds to unseat the Democrat incumbent, Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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