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1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

Cher: "I Think Our Government Can't Find Its Ass With Both Hands"

Hollywood Reporter
In January, Cher was taken to task for tweeting that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is a "murderer" who should be executed. On Tuesday, she suggested her controversial tweeting may have "jumped the shark," but she didn't back off her criticism of Snyder.

1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

Is Madonna The New Cher? Hashtag #MadonnaIntervention

Fine, Madonna has had a rough year but why does she want to be the new Cher? Deal of the Day. A Busy Mom Tried Nutrisystem. We've already had Cher! Madonna is so good at the reinvention thing, you'd think she would come up with something original!

1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

Cher Sends Twitter 'Off a Cliff' With Latest Anti-Trump Rant

Western Journalism
“Many of the hallmarks of Cher's Twitter style are in evidence here, which is to say, she composes her tweets in the manner of a hungover algorithm's impression of how an angry tween texts. You've got the imaginative grammar, the all-caps, the liberal ...

1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

Singer Jasmine's Cher cover blows the Britain's Got Talent judges away

Belfast Telegraph
Britain's Got Talent entrant Jasmine Elcock wowed Ant and Dec to become the fourth act of the series to reach the live show stage. The 14-year-old from Essex moved Ant and judge Alesha Dixon to tears with her emotive rendition of Believe by Cher. Share.

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