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1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

AD Visits Cher's Adobe Retreat in Aspen

Architectural Digest
An awesome Santa Fe-style villa with Art Déco touches on eight acres in Aspen, it has huge windows that frame spectacular mountain views in every room, gravel wallcovering from France, chairs made of elk horns (Cher insisted on elk because they shed ...

1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

What Cher taught Carrie Brownstein about glamour

To Carrie Brownstein, glamour means confidence “mixed with glitter.” And if glitter is in short supply, getting your 12-year-old hands on a lavender lace crop top once worn by Cher will also do the trick—but more on that later. David Bowie's music ...

1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

Cher Will Reply to All of Your Tweets

Even though she is next-level famous, and presumably has several award trophies and other rich treasures to polish, gaze at distractedly, or sell off under an assumed name on eBay* (*I do not think Cher has ever done this), Cher responds to a LOT of ...

1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

QUIZ: Which incarnation of Cher are you?

Posting to Facebook as she celebrated her birthday this weekend, Cher said she had experienced a hard week, but promised to “kick ass till [she's] 100”. As the singer turns 70, it has been announced that a Cher musical may be about to happen. Yes, really.

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