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1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

HTC boss Cher Wang bilked of a few million dollars by church mates and long time friends

Cher Wang, the co-founder, chairperson and CEO of Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has been swindled out of a few million dollars by members of her church, it has emerged. The culprit, as it turned out, was a longtime friend and business ...

1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

Sonny and Cher, LeBron and the Cavs, Brad and Jen and other shocking breakups on the anniversary of Barbie and ...

New York Daily News
Cher later called Sonny a "terrible husband." Sonny and Cher were in everyone's hearts thanks to their variety show "The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour," which aired on CBS. So news that the couple was actually unhappy was unbelievable to some fans.

1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

Dying Cher's Deathbed Tell-All: The Men!

The National Enquirer
Even as her reps deny that Cher is near death, the legendary diva is planning to turn back time with a sizzling “tell-all”— including shocking revelations about her celebrity romances! The 69-year-old superstar “has been so freaked out” by her poor ...

1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

Tunde Olaniran on Flint Water Crisis: 'We Shouldn't Need Cher or Big Sean to Save Our City'

"I think Cher is amazing. I'm a fan of Cher and a lot of different facets of her career, her personality and her politics," says Tunde Olaniran, a musician and activist, from his hometown of Flint, Michigan. "But I will say that I'm embarrassed for my ...

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