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1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News


Let's face it, our lady Cher will do anything for a buck. Over the years she's hawked perfume, Lori Davis Hair products, Aquasentials skin care products, Equal Zero-Calorie Sweetener, exercise videos and, oh yeah, movies and albums, too. Her latest ...

1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

That Time A Terrified Cher Locked Herself In A Dressing Room To Escape ...

Cinema Blend
Back in 1975, before the whole freebasing fire incident, Pryor's explicit nature was getting him in trouble, and one particular TV appearance saw him freaking Cher out enough to fearfully hide out in her dressing room. I didn't think Cher was afraid of ...

1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News

Cher Comes Out Against The Swaps Pushout Rule

Business Insider
Cher just went on a huge tweetstorm against the swaps pushout rule. It's a sticking point in the big congressional budget debate happening Thursday. The Wall Street Journal has an explainer, though we'd go with Peter Eavis' explanation. At issue, he ...

1985 Blackwells Worst Dressed Winner Cher News


The National Enquirer
The music icon, 68 – who's worth $320 million – canceled all the remaining dates on her “Dressed to Kill” concert tour due to health issues. And sources said Cher's secretly hiding severe heart, lung and kidney problems. “She's had to wear a heart ...

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