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Ruler On Ice (Jockey: Jose Valdivia Jr)


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2011 Belmont Stakes Winner Ruler On Ice News

VP's 'poison' saga in dramatic twist

The Zimbabwe Standard
President Robert Mugabe has been briefed that senior Zanu PF officials in Masvingo are telling their supporters that Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa fell ill after eating ice-cream from the first family's dairy, an explosive report shedding light on ...

2011 Belmont Stakes Winner Ruler On Ice News

Tom Archdeacon: Reminiscing with the NFL's first black quarterback

He opened the old leather bag in front of him and with his left hand — where the ring finger was adorned with a bulky, gold College Football Hall of Fame ring — he began rummaging through the packed contents. “I'll show you how Jim Crow it was back ...

2011 Belmont Stakes Winner Ruler On Ice News

Meet man detained by N. Korea for 40 years

Tuscaloosa News (subscription)
In the wintertime you freeze — in my bedroom, the walls were covered in ice.” Jenkins works now as a greeter in Mano Park, a placid tourist attraction on the Japanese island, selling .... He wasn't surprised when Kim Jong Il's son, Kim Jong Un ...

2011 Belmont Stakes Winner Ruler On Ice News

US Soldier Who Defected To North Korea In 1965 Tells His Story

Task & Purpose
Charles Robert Jenkins deserted the U.S. Army on a freezing night in January 1965. He pounded 10 beers to quiet his nerves, and abandoned his patrol unit along the border dividing South and North Korea — a 160-mile-long, 2.5-mile-wide strip of ...

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