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Ruler On Ice (Jockey: Jose Valdivia Jr)


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2011 Belmont Stakes Winner Ruler On Ice News

Queen Elizabeth Daily Diet, Favorite Foods

The Queen of England has a very tame daily diet and eats and drinks many of the same things every day. Here is what she usually eats and drinks in a day.

2011 Belmont Stakes Winner Ruler On Ice News

The Smartphone Is the Seductive, Destructive New Ruler of Morning

Slate Magazine (blog)
A harsh note from our boss, a dumb or delightful thing said by a celebrity, the melting of the ice caps, a delay on the subway or a factory explosion on the other side of the world: It's all there, more vivid than the fleeting scraps of dreams unique ...

2011 Belmont Stakes Winner Ruler On Ice News

The strange life, and sudden death, of a North Korean exile

Fox Baltimore
He'd known for years that his younger half brother, now the ruler of North Korea, had ordered him hunted down, South Korean intelligence officials say. On a Monday morning in mid-February, that order apparently was carried out. Kim was walking through ...

2011 Belmont Stakes Winner Ruler On Ice News

All-powerful Theresa dispenses with normal rules of human interaction

The Guardian
Now Theresa is ruler of all she surveys. She has created the world in her own image and it is good ... “We made a written ministerial statement to the house last Thursday,” she replied, her voice pure ice. “And the work and pensions secretary left a ...

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