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Summer Bird (Jockey: Kent Desormeaux)


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2009 Belmont Stakes Winner Summer Bird News

Indiana Pacers Set to Pick No. 18 in Upcoming Draft

Indy Cornrows
Last summer, Bird traded George Hill's defense for Jeff Teague's offense, and lost Ian Mahinmi's rim protection when he signed with the Washington Wizards as a free agent. The Thaddeus Young/Myles Turner front-court combination helps the Pacers space ...

2009 Belmont Stakes Winner Summer Bird News

Spring Bird Migration is in Full Swing

Newport This Week
For now, there are daily arrivals, departures, and layovers in the bird world. Most of the winter birds have moved north, having been replaced by migrants from further south, some of whom have checked in for the summer. The island has about 40 species ...

2009 Belmont Stakes Winner Summer Bird News

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles An Episodic Audio Journal, Episode Two: 40 Species of Noise

Gamasutra (blog)
Spring and Summer time are vibrant seasons in Japan; birds are very active, but the really noticeable aspect of these months from a sound point of view is the insects. Millions of cicadas during the day and crickets during the night saturate the ...

2009 Belmont Stakes Winner Summer Bird News

A four-day, all-Iowa music festival is launching this summer

A new festival is launching in central Iowa this summer with one major goal in mind: highlighting the state's homegrown talent. ... Four-day early bird tickets to IowaStock cost $50, a one-day pass costs $20 and a four-night camping pass costs $300.

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