Who Won the 1998
Belmont Stakes

Victory Gallup (Jockey: Gary Stevens)

2:28 4/5

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1998 Belmont Stakes Winner Victory Gallup News

Hillary Clinton is less popular than Trump because nobody will let the election end

Bangor Daily News
This is fairly obvious — unusually for a victorious president, Donald Trump cannot stop talking about the candidate he defeated. He rates the controversies facing his administration on whether the media did enough to cover controversies facing Clinton ...

1998 Belmont Stakes Winner Victory Gallup News

Close partisan divide will persist

Lincoln Times-News
But don't expect any such victory to represent a permanent realignment. Don't expect ... According to the Gallup Organization's 2016 polling, for example, 43 percent of North Carolina voters said they leaned Democratic and 42 leaned Republican. That's ...

1998 Belmont Stakes Winner Victory Gallup News

David Schleicher, David Gallagher, Board of Contributors: Trump victory, staying power junk 'wisdom of the ages'

Waco Tribune-Herald
Gallup polling labels Trump's approval ratings “unusually low, unusually early.” They have reached record lows for a president's first year in office and sit within 15 points of Nixon's numbers at his resignation. On the other hand, Newsweek recently ...

1998 Belmont Stakes Winner Victory Gallup News

Partisan divide will persist

Greenville Daily Reflector
Whether you are a North Carolina Democrat who dreams of recapturing your party's longtime control of the state Legislature or a North Carolina Republican who ...

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