Who Won the 1993
Belmont Stakes

Colonial Affair (Jockey: Julie Krone)

2:29 4/5

1992 Belmont Stakes Winner
1994  Winner

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1993 Belmont Stakes Winner Colonial Affair News

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Altus Times
Colonial Affair finishes 2 1/4 lengths ahead of Kissin Kris, making Krone the first female jockey to win a Triple Crown race. 1994 — Arantxa Sanchez Vicario and Sergi Bruguera produce the best day of tennis in Spanish history. Sanchez Vicario beats ...

1993 Belmont Stakes Winner Colonial Affair News

'Inés of My Soul,' 'Malinche,' 'Penumbra' Re-Write Women's ...

MADRID — Women might well write more of the future, in real terms and fiction. First projects at Spain's inaugural Conecta Fiction, a pioneering Latin ...

1993 Belmont Stakes Winner Colonial Affair News

1917-1947: The Climax Of The Raj's Plunder Of India

While the old colonial country did have many people of goodwill and equity in its ruling establishment, most of the key figures, certainly among the Tories, were manifestly hostile to the very concept of an independent India. At best, they were ...

1993 Belmont Stakes Winner Colonial Affair News

Remembering the days when Hampton's elite toasted King George's birthday

Daily Press
Where more modest taverns featured much simpler fare, this multiple-course affair of ham, turkey and oysters, as well as Madeira wine, punch and cider, reflected the sumptuous variety that only elite consumers could afford - partly because of the more ...

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