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1950 Belmont Stakes Winner Middleground News

Gun violence prevention groups strike middle ground to engage majority: US study

SAN FRANCISCO, July 22 (Xinhua) -- A new study found that gun violence prevention groups in the United States advocate for the right to bear arms and for some gun purchase and ownership conditions, which they argue will curb gun-related injuries and ...

1950 Belmont Stakes Winner Middleground News

Joy boiler issue nearing 'middle-ground solution'

Rome Sentinel
The district has “made some considerable inroads” toward a “middle-ground solution,” board President Paul Fitzpatrick said at the start of the discussion. Appearing before the board and answering questions were Chris Crolius of the March Associates ...

1950 Belmont Stakes Winner Middleground News

When it comes to net neutrality, a middle ground between users and companies is best

Tiger Newspaper
In the fight for net neutrality for internet users, complete parity between all users is not the answer. Written by Peter Wang Staff Writer. Illustration by Ashton Carless Design Editor. Net neutrality is a commonly discussed topic on the Internet ...

1950 Belmont Stakes Winner Middleground News

“There's no middle ground”

“There's no middle ground,” Moya-Ocampos told VICE News. “The government is being forced by the military to push forward with the National Constituent Assembly, while the opposition is being forced by its grassroots not to negotiate with the government.”.

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