Who Won the 1947
Belmont Stakes

Phalanx (Jockey: R Donoso)

2:29 2/5

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1947 Belmont Stakes Winner Phalanx News

The No-Help desk

Newcastle Herald
One reader suggested, from personal experience, that the phenomenon could be the result of displaced jaw, or TMJ, which was an affliction this reader suffered at work and had thoroughly explored by a phalanx of specialists who he said ought to have ...

1947 Belmont Stakes Winner Phalanx News

MotoGP: Aleix Espargaro Undergoes Surgery In Spain, Will Race At Valencia

Dr. Sergi Barrera, a member of the unit led by Dr. Xavier Mir, has performed the reduction and stabilization of fractures at the 4th metacarpal and the 2nd phalanx of the 5th finger of the left hand, using a plate and cannulated screws to compression ...

1947 Belmont Stakes Winner Phalanx News

Accused cop-killer faked seizure during questioning: cop

New York Post
“I inspected his vitals, pupil dilation, inspected his airway and the oral phalanx, negative findings,” Casey testified, saying there was no indication Blackwell had suffered a seizure. Blackwell, who sobbed for 10 minutes in the squad car after his ...

1947 Belmont Stakes Winner Phalanx News

Passersby Are Horrified as 'Zombies' Feast on 'Human Flesh' on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Photos)

PETA (blog)
Wearing full zombie regalia, a phalanx of “undead” PETA supporters soaked in “blood” “dined” on a woman lying on a dinner table on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday. As zombies pulled out and ate the woman's “organs,” she told passersby that all ...

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