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1938 Belmont Stakes Winner Pasteurized News

Raw milk: Healthy or dangerous?

The Recorder
Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized — that is, it has not been through the process that heats the milk to a specific temperature to kill illness-causing bacteria. Though the claim is subject to debate, raw milk advocates say pasteurization ...

1938 Belmont Stakes Winner Pasteurized News

Let's Make Some Crab Dip, The Most Decadent And Delicious Way To Eat Canned Crab

Beyond that it is outrageously delicious, here is an argument for making crab dip: Crab dip is the best use of packaged, pasteurized lump crab meat, the kind that is readily available at seafood counters everywhere. A crab cake made with the ...

1938 Belmont Stakes Winner Pasteurized News

What You Need to Know About the New Listeria Outbreak

Soft cheeses made with raw (unpasteurized milk) are normally safe to eat, but have long been known to be a higher risk food for listeria contamination than pasteurized and hard cheeses. Soft cheeses include feta, brie and Camembert, queso fresco, queso ...

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1938 Belmont Stakes Winner Pasteurized News

Raw milk: Is it better than pasteurized or a dangerous drink?

Because raw milk is not pasteurized, state law requires that it be sold directly to consumers from the farm at which it was produced. These farms must be licensed to sell it and follow specific regulations regarding sanitation, storage and testing for ...

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