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1938 Belmont Stakes Winner Pasteurized News

Semplice cookbook sets out to correct the mediocrity of modern Italian cuisine

South China Morning Post
“Over the 30 years or so that I have been working in and cooking Italian food, I have watched as industrially produced, over-pasteurized pasta using poor-quality eggs and flour has become the norm. Today, as John Mariani observes in his book How ...

1938 Belmont Stakes Winner Pasteurized News

Lawsuit claims Cookie Do causes food-borne illness

Dō, the famous raw cookie dough shop in New York City, is being sued after people allegedly got sick from eating it.

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1938 Belmont Stakes Winner Pasteurized News

FDA: Juice safety | barfblog

Barfblog (blog)
My wife has gotten me on a freshly squeezed juice regimen every morning because admittedly I don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. We'll juice anything from ...

1938 Belmont Stakes Winner Pasteurized News

The FDA Is Coming Around to the Idea That Cheese, Microbes, and Mold Can Work Just Fine

Heat destroys microbes, so if non-toxigenic E.coli is found on pasteurized cheese, “Then you know something wasn't right,” likely with post-process contamination, says Kathleen Glass, associate director at the University of Wisconsin's Food Research ...

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