Who Won the 1922
Belmont Stakes

Pillory (Jockey: C H Miller)

2:18 4/5

1921 Belmont Stakes Winner
1923  Winner

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1922 Belmont Stakes Winner Pillory News

So You Have Been Publicly Shamed

The India Saga (blog)
The movement against public shamings was already in full flow in March 1787 when Benjamin Rush, a United States founding father, wrote a paper calling for them to be outlawed -- the stocks, the pillory, the whipping post, the lot: ignominy being ...

1922 Belmont Stakes Winner Pillory News

Israeli Decision Makers Once Again Ignored the Warnings of Bloodshed

Israel is imprisoned on the Temple Mount in a cast iron pillory. This pillory is assembled from its security interests, the relations with Jordan and the Arab world, the need to provide its citizens with security, its international commitments ...

1922 Belmont Stakes Winner Pillory News

Bruce Bisset: Greed over need beggars belief

New Zealand Herald
No doubt all the beggars and beneficiaries will be cheering ex-PM John Key's receipt of Australia's highest honour this week in expectation that the "big four" banks may be about to unleash a torrent of investment credit back into the local market. And ...

1922 Belmont Stakes Winner Pillory News

Al Southwick: When prisoners weren't pampered

Worcester Telegram
And, yes, there were the stocks, the pillory and the whipping post, standing there next to the courthouse. An early Worcester chronicle, “Carl's Tour of Main Street,” published in the Worcester Palladium in 1855, describes a horse thief being lashed ...

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