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Friar Rock (Jockey: E Haynes)


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1916 Belmont Stakes Winner Friar Rock News

Robin Hood with no Robin Hood? It's Goobledigook in new adventure at Bolton Abbey

The Press, York
The surprises promised by Phil Grainger will keep coming: no Friar Tuck; Nick Lewis's Prince John riding a motorbike; and a character called Much, a miller's son, who says "How much?" each time he enquires how much farmers are charging for their corn ...

1916 Belmont Stakes Winner Friar Rock News

Tyler Reese Comes to NYC's Club Bonafide 8/9

Broadway World
Tyler Reese recorded his first album in his mid-teens, studied with jazz legend Pat Metheny and has played with everyone from Prince and Ernie Isley to country ...

1916 Belmont Stakes Winner Friar Rock News

Review Roundup: Robin Hood Musical HOOD at Dallas Theater Center

Broadway World
... (Electra, A Christmas Carol 2016, Dreamgirls) as Lady Jane; Billie Aken-Tyers as Much; Ricco Fajardo as Gamble Gold; Ian Ferguson as Alan A'Dale; Austin Scott as Sheriff Of Nottingham; Beth Lipton as Lady Anne; Luke Longacre (Inherit the Wind) as ...

1916 Belmont Stakes Winner Friar Rock News

Shakespeare by the Falls premiers Aug. 4-5: Valley Views

Tyler Collins of Mentor plays Mercutio and three smaller parts, Dan Telford of Maple Heights is Lord Capulet and other roles while Kate Clay of Valley View is Lady Capulet along with Benvolio, Friar John and Balthazar. Brooke Turner of Bellefontaine ...

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