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Burgomaster (Jockey: L Lyne)


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1906 Belmont Stakes Winner Burgomaster News

Mechelen in the footsteps of Cape Town and Melbourne

Expatica Belguim
Bart Somers, the Burgomaster of Mechelen, a middle-sized city between Brussels and Antwerp, has been awarded the World Mayor Prize 2016. Somers, a Flemish liberal, was chosen by the jury of the World Mayor Prize for transforming "a rather neglected ...

1906 Belmont Stakes Winner Burgomaster News

Stroller: SCORE to help veterans, Valentine's Dance coming

Martinsville Bulletin
Editor's note: The daily bingo numbers are only available in the print edition of the paper. TODAY'S WORD is scrimshaw (skrim-shaw). Example: On long trips at sea, the crew of the whaling ship passed the time by making scrimshaw. WEDNESDAY'S WORD ...

1906 Belmont Stakes Winner Burgomaster News

Stroller: NAACP Awards coming up, Caring Hearts Walk

Martinsville Bulletin
Example: The burgomaster rounded up a group of villagers to track down Frankenstein's monster. TUESDAY'S WORD was counterpane. It means a quilt or coverlet for a bed. Example: The counterpane was of patchwork, full of odd little parti-colored squares ...

1906 Belmont Stakes Winner Burgomaster News

Kerry Dougherty: The Beach's sudden spasm of fiscal restraint

When, exactly, did the Sessoms become the Burgomaster of Frugal Town? Such a study, Skelton reports, would likely cost between $200,000 and $300,000. A drop in the city's roughly $2 billion-a-year bucket. Offsetting that, NFL great and local developer ...

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