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Belmont Stakes

Tyrant (Jockey: Paul Duffy)


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1885 Belmont Stakes Winner Tyrant News

In a rare group killing, chimpanzees abused and cannibalised their former tyrant's corpse

The killing was only the ninth documented case of its kind and the first in West Africa, bringing about the violent end of a 17-year-old chimp called Foudouko: a former alpha male and "tyrant" who once led the group, before being forced into exile by a ...

1885 Belmont Stakes Winner Tyrant News

The tyrant has fallen – so what now for the Gambia?

Equal Times
As a result of the rigorous and combined efforts by an angry, critical and determined Gambian diaspora, an open coalition leadership and a determined and courageous electorate, one of the world's longest serving and most brutal tyrants – the now former ...

1885 Belmont Stakes Winner Tyrant News

Anonymous #OpResistance: Hackers warn 'tyrant' Trump resign or face mass protest

International Business Times UK
Anonymous calls Trump a "hateful and intolerant tyrant" and attack his regime and "unconstitutional executive orders have threatened the rights of nearly every single demographic in this country". They cite his plans for building a border wall between ...

1885 Belmont Stakes Winner Tyrant News

Tyrant Freak: Resident Evil 7 cracked a week after release

Denuvo has recently been the go-to copy protection for developers concerned with piracy, but the DRM has never been popular with the game buying public. Still, it's always done its job for developers, with some Denuvo-protected games never being ...

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