Who Won the 1878
Belmont Stakes

Duke of Magenta (Jockey: L Hughes)

2:43 1/2

1877 Belmont Stakes Winner
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1878 Belmont Stakes Winner Duke of Magenta News

Tension Makes the Heart Grow Stronger

Duke Today
Cells covering the heart regenerate in a wave led by large cells containing multiple nuclei per cell (magenta). These cells are under more mechanical tension (aqua streaks) than trailing cells which divide to produce ... “Our findings open avenues for ...

1878 Belmont Stakes Winner Duke of Magenta News

Airdrie Stud: Rich Soil & Deep History Raises Great Horses & a Better Future

The Pressbox (press release) (registration)
He sired many champions and winners of our nation's top races — including Duke of Magenta, Kentucky and Preakness — for whom the Preakness Stakes is now named in honor of and is the second jewel of the Triple Crown series. At Woodburn Stud ...

1878 Belmont Stakes Winner Duke of Magenta News

Legendary horses have sired Travers winners

Troy Record
Kentucky, Maiden (1865), Merrill (1866), The Banshee (1868), Kingfisher (1870), Harry Bassett (1871), Tom Bowling (1873), Sultana (1876) and Duke of Magenta (1878) secured Lexington's legacy as the greatest of Travers sires. Maiden, The Banshee and ...

1878 Belmont Stakes Winner Duke of Magenta News

Trump's defense of the 'very fine people' at Charlottesville white nationalist march has David Duke gushing

"Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about #Charlottesville & condemn the leftist terrorists in BLM/Antifa," was the full tweet from an account that is not verified by Twitter but appears to represent Duke and ...

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