Who Won the 1874
Belmont Stakes

Saxon (Jockey: G Barbee)

2:39 1/2

1873 Belmont Stakes Winner
1875  Winner

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1874 Belmont Stakes Winner Saxon News

Review – The Place-name Kingston and Royal Power in Middle Anglo-Saxon England

Current Archaeology
In 925, Æthelstan – often styled as first ruler of all England – was consecrated in a ceremony where, for the first time, the king wore a crown rather than a helmet. The unprecedented service took place at a site recorded as Cinges tun(e), believed to ...

1874 Belmont Stakes Winner Saxon News

Review – Iron Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Settlement along the Empingham to Hannington Pipeline in ...

Current Archaeology
A mixed blessing for archaeologists, pipelines slice through the countryside, offering the chance to investigate and compare the use through time of different landscapes, but, constrained by the width of the pipeline trench, the slice is invariably too ...

1874 Belmont Stakes Winner Saxon News

Woman Hits And Kills 1-Year-Old With Her SUV Then Drives Off ...

After a one-year-old boy was struck by an SUV in Florida, the driver of the vehicle was dragged out of the car and beaten by the angered family who believed ...

1874 Belmont Stakes Winner Saxon News

Saxon Shore Forts of Britannia

Britannia was no exception, with repeated Saxon and Frank pirates raiding the coastline. To counteract this Saxon threat, a great chain of forts called the Saxonicum (Saxon Shore) was commissioned to protect the Roman population and strategically ...

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