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11 Amazing Race Winner Eric & Danielle News

Exclusive: Becca Droz on 'The Amazing Race': I was a wreck for a couple days after our devastating "Philimination"

Reality TV World
Becca Droz: It was clear from the first episode I saw when I was 11-years-old that this Race was everything I wanted to experience in life. I watched religiously all the way until I graduated high school, taking mental notes on Amazing Race strategy ...

11 Amazing Race Winner Eric & Danielle News

'The Amazing Race' episode 11 trailer: 'As Easy As Stacking Cups' ends with final three [WATCH]

We are just one episode away from “The Amazing Race” finale next week. This Thursday's episode, “As Easy As Stacking Cups,” is Leg 11 and sees the four remaining teams travel from the small Vietnamese city of Ninh Binh to the capital of South Korea, ...

11 Amazing Race Winner Eric & Danielle News

The Amazing Race Contestants Must Defeat Pro Street Fighter V ...

The next episode of The Amazing Race on Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) will force its contestants to defeat a professional gamer in Street Fighter V.

11 Amazing Race Winner Eric & Danielle News

Exclusive: Floyd Pierce talks 'The Amazing Race': I feel like I let Becca Droz down, but I'll grow from this failure

Reality TV World
Floyd Pierce: Who doesn't want to be on The Amazing Race? I watched the show when I was young, and I eagerly awaited until by 21st birthday to apply. I was super lucky because as soon as I turned 21, I applied for the show and immediately got casted.

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