Who Won the 1985
Alaskan Iditarod

Libby Riddles (Axle and Dugan)

18 days 00:20:17

1984 Alaskan Iditarod Winner
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1985 Alaskan Iditarod Winner Libby Riddles News

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race starts March 4

DVIDS (press release)
The Iditarod's first female champion, Libby Riddles, famously trekked through a treacherous blizzard in the Norton Sound region during the 1985 race. Libby methodically directed her team into the storm, and with precision braved the elements to come in ...

1985 Alaskan Iditarod Winner Libby Riddles News

Reader poll results: What are the Iditarod's most memorable moments?

Alaska Dispatch News
A year ago in this Iditarod special section, we asked readers to vote on what they considered the most memorable moments in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race that began in 1973. Some 400 of you responded. We proposed 15 memorable Iditarod moments ...

1985 Alaskan Iditarod Winner Libby Riddles News

Why Mind Wandering Can Be So Miserable, According to Happiness Experts

They demand I follow them, but they're almost always riddles that can't be solved. The trick is in recognizing the illusion—ah yes, there's that ridiculous clown car of anxiety coming down the road again. The saving grace, when I can manage to focus ...

1985 Alaskan Iditarod Winner Libby Riddles News

Coming in 2017

One-time triathlete Katherine Keith of Kotzebue, the training partner of former Iditarod champ John Baker, gets behind the kennel's team of big dogs and comes out of nowhere to claim victory in the tradition of Libby Riddles, the first woman to snatch ...

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