Who Won the 1973
Alaskan Iditarod

Dick Wilmarth (Hotfoot)

20 days 00:49:41

1974  Winner

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1973 Alaskan Iditarod Winner Dick Wilmarth News

Endicott woman shares her story of addiction

"That opioid class of drugs has a very different effect on the brain and the body and it creates a much longer lasting level of discomfort when a person stops using," Alan Wilmarth, the Administrative Director of Behavioral Health, at UHS said. Doctors ...

1973 Alaskan Iditarod Winner Dick Wilmarth News

Iditarod pioneer in race against time to complete film project

Still alive are 1973 champion Dick Wilmarth, along with Dan Seavey (whose son, Mitch, won his third Iditarod on Tuesday), Dick Mackey, Bill Arpino, Bud Smyth, Ken Chase, Ron Oviok, Robert Ivan, Terry Miller, Howard Farley and Bruce Mitchell. Perry has ...

1973 Alaskan Iditarod Winner Dick Wilmarth News

Breaking Trail at the Iditarod, Alaska's 1000-Mile Dog Sled Race

Twenty days, forty minutes, and forty-one seconds after the race began, Dick Wilmarth and the famous lead dog Hotfoot mushed down Front Street in Nome to much adulation, garnering a purse of $12,000 for winning the first Iditarod. Today's victors ...

1973 Alaskan Iditarod Winner Dick Wilmarth News

Dismantling Dodd-Frank -- And More

The American Prospect
Arthur Wilmarth of George Washington University believes in rigorously narrow banking, similar to the “ring-fencing” proposals put forward in Great Britain and the European Union. This eliminates subsidies that banks receive to fund trading activities ...

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