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1993 Academy Awards Makeup Winner Bram Stoker

Dear Match Book: What Should I Read on My Summer Vacation?

New York Times
Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN (1818) and (more elaborately) Bram Stoker's DRACULA (1897) both fit the epistolary genre. If you'd rather save Gothic pleasures for dreary weather, consider bringing some romance to the shore instead. In his 2010 dystopian ...

1993 Academy Awards Makeup Winner Bram Stoker

The logo for Universal Pictures' forthcoming "Dark Universe" monster movie franchise. Photo courtesy of Universal ...

Universal is tapping into its own intellectual property from previous film adaptations of the classic monster tales the studio released throughout the early 20th Century, including the 1931 adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula and 1935's The Bride of ...

1993 Academy Awards Makeup Winner Bram Stoker

The Icelandic Translation of 'Dracula' Is Actually a Different Book

The Icelandic version of Dracula is called Powers of Darkness, and it's actually a different—some say better—version of the classic Bram Stoker tale. Makt Myrkranna (the book's name in Icelandic) was "translated" from the English only a few years ...

1993 Academy Awards Makeup Winner Bram Stoker

Review: David Callahan's The Givers and Lauren Greenfield's ...

The Globe and Mail
Two books examine extremes of wealth, from the garish displays of the rich to megaphilanthropy.

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