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1986 Academy Awards Makeup Winner Mask News

Five Black Mask Items For Local Comic Shop Day 2017 – Including DIY Lenticular Covers

Bleeding Cool News
Saturday, November 18th is the date for this year's Local Comic Shop Day, in which participating retailers get the chance sell exclusive, high-end collectable comics and related items. Black Mask has always had a strong presence on this day, and as ...

1986 Academy Awards Makeup Winner Mask News

A. Barton Hinkle column: Wearing a mask in public shouldn't be a crime

They were on hand to protest the new-Confederates who had come to town, and were arrested for wearing masks in public. One wore a bandanna over her face; the others wore Halloween masks. In Virginia, wearing a mask or hood to conceal your identity is ...

1986 Academy Awards Makeup Winner Mask News

'King of Mask's caps Children series

Courier-Gazette & Camden Herald (subscription)
On screen will be “The King of Masks” (1996, China/Hong Kong). Tradition dictates that the aging King of Masks' trade only be passed on to a male heir. Desperate for his art to survive, the King of Masks finds an apprentice in a destitute child ...

1986 Academy Awards Makeup Winner Mask News

Glitter Face Mask | Joyce Bonelli Kardashian Makeup Artist ...

Friends and fam, we have entered a new era. Just a few years ago, glitter makeup was an indulgence usually saved for the occasional nail art and maybe a ...

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