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1992 Academy Awards Cinematography Winner JFK News

Expectations high for Warren JFK after 2016 state title

Youngstown Vindicator
“Our expectations are no different than they were a year ago,” fourth-year JFK coach Jeff Bayuk said. “We simply want to get better every time we step on the field. We want to improve from our last performance.” “Our kids don't feel any added pressure.

1992 Academy Awards Cinematography Winner JFK News

The North Korea Nuclear Standoff: Trump Has Flunked the JFK Cuba Missile Crisis Test

JFK was a fully-committed Cold Warrior, as demonstrated by his administration's covert war in Cuba and efforts to assassinate Fidel Castro. But, unlike the Joint Chiefs, he understood that risking war between nations possessing nuclear weapons was no ...

1992 Academy Awards Cinematography Winner JFK News

Delta Jets Clip 2 Planes, Truck in 24 Hours at JFK Airport

Delta Air Lines Inc. planes were involved in three wingtip collisions in separate accidents over two days on the ground at New York's John F. Kennedy airport, injuring one man. The National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday that it is ...

1992 Academy Awards Cinematography Winner JFK News

Trump, North Korea, JFK, Cuba and World War I: Look to history and stay worried

In one key respect, the crisis between the United States and North Korea is — thank God — nothing like 1962's far more dangerous Cuban missile crisis. America's adversary then was a genuine superpower, the Soviet Union, and its missiles were a mere ...

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