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1936 PGA US Open Winner Tony Manero News

'Saturday Night Fever,' 'Heat' reissued as new 'director's cut' Blu-rays

Travolta plays 19-year-old Tony Manero, living in Brooklyn with his parents and unhappy with both his deadend job and his dysfunctional home life. But on Saturday nights, he's the king of the dance floor at the local disco club, where he hangs out with ...

1936 PGA US Open Winner Tony Manero News

"Tony Manero" y el fenómeno global

Economía y Negocios online
En la Quincena de Realizadores, en 2008, nació la fama del cineasta chileno Pablo Larraín gracias a su formidable "Tony Manero": provocadora historia que incomodó y agradó por igual en la Costa Azul. Es la era de "Brangelina", con Brad Pitt y su ex ...

1936 PGA US Open Winner Tony Manero News

Disco fever returns to island's biggest screen

Bainbridge Island Review (subscription)
The 1977 drama, starring John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney and Barry Miller, tells the tale of 19-year-old Brooklyn native Tony Manero, a man who lives for Saturday night. In an effort to leave his dead-end job and tough family situation for good, Tony ...

1936 PGA US Open Winner Tony Manero News

'Saturday Night Fever' 40th anniversary | Jersey Retro | NJ.com

If "Saturday Night Fever" was just about the disco scene, just about the big climactic dance contest, it would have fallen by the wayside as another instance of ...


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