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1898 PGA US Open Winner Fred Herd News

Hole is where the heart is for Chinese cave dwellers

"They said they'd build us a road 15 years ago, but then they discovered this was a place they could make money off and so chose not to build it," he said, ushering a herd of goats into a pen near the mouth of the nearly 200-metre deep cave. He added: ...

1898 PGA US Open Winner Fred Herd News

Have you herd about Ohio cattle stock in Israel?

Cleveland Jewish News
The effort began 11 years ago when an Ohio delegation, including then-state Department of Agriculture director and Voinovich appointee Fred Dailey visited Israel, discovering that Israelis who were tired of frozen meat from Argentina wanted better ...

1898 PGA US Open Winner Fred Herd News

Scientist at work: Tracking muskoxen in a warming Arctic

San Francisco Chronicle
Receding sea ice strands polar bears on land and reduces the length of their hunting season. To address this issue, I need to discern population trends and ...

1898 PGA US Open Winner Fred Herd News

Obituary: 'Gil was an outstanding conservationist'

Brantford Expositor
Mr. Henderson joined cattle associations and began building a herd of champion polled herefords, bred solely by artificial insemination. At one point in the 1990s, he had four strong cow families that produced an average herd of 200. Every September, a ...

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