Who Won the 2003
NCAA Naismith Men

T J Ford

University of Texas

2002 NCAA Naismith Men Winner
2004  Winner

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2003 NCAA Naismith Men Winner T J Ford News

With initial nerves behind him, Garrett Wilson seeks breakout season

Austin American-Statesman
Football and basketball fans chronicled Wilson's summer in a Twitter-storm of highlights from the state 7-on-7 tournament and basketball tournament action from his T.J. Ford Basketball team. “There aren't many things I can say to accurately describe ...

2003 NCAA Naismith Men Winner T J Ford News

For the Lions, resting TJ Lang could be a choice of pass over run

The Detroit Lions keep saying they're being prudent with T.J. Lang, but one day of rest turned into two turned into three out of four wrapped around a mock game of touch football at Ford Field. Now, he's out again for the first day of joint practices ...

2003 NCAA Naismith Men Winner T J Ford News

Interview with Purdue Forward Eden Ewing

Indiana Sports Coverage
E: I played for my mentor on TJ Ford's team. You know he played for the Indiana Pacers and was in the league for a good 10 years. B: Yeah, I definitely know TJ Ford, especially when he played at Texas, he was a stud. And yeah, as a huge Pacers fan, ...

2003 NCAA Naismith Men Winner T J Ford News

TJ Lang enjoys a simple celebration in Lions debut at Ford Field

Lang's debut for the Lions at Ford Field was a simple one but one he came away pleased with. The game was between members of the team and didn't feature any contact. Lang is still easing in after missing the offseason program due to back surgery.

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