Who Won the 1990
NCAA Naismith Men

Lionel Simmons

La Salle University

1989 NCAA Naismith Men Winner
1991  Winner

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1990 NCAA Naismith Men Winner Lionel Simmons News

'Eggy' fan club turns out for fundraiser at cafe

The Philadelphia Tribune
“After the article came out in The Tribune, I got a call from Lionel Simmons who said he wanted to do something at [his] facility and it turned out well. I'm overwhelmed at this moment,” he said. “I was really known for my shot,” Tillman said when ...

1990 NCAA Naismith Men Winner Lionel Simmons News

Ben Simmons ready for NBA debut in bid to be Australia's first NBA superstar

The Sydney Morning Herald
Will Sutherland announces his arrival, Walk-offs in the MLB post season are all the rage, Japanese indoor soccer training is outside the box, Lionel Messi reminds all of his genius and the University of Oregon might be looking for a new football mascot.

1990 NCAA Naismith Men Winner Lionel Simmons News

Read the urban legend about the government's secret mind-altering arcade game

AV Club
With more than 5.4 million articles, Wikipedia is an invaluable resource, whether you're throwing a term paper together at the last minute, or investigating whether your middle school classmate's cousin's stomach really did explode from mixing Pop ...

1990 NCAA Naismith Men Winner Lionel Simmons News

Daryl Bell: Lionel Simmons to help raise funds for 'Eggy' Tillman

The Philadelphia Tribune
The 22nd Street Cafe is owned by former Southern High, La Salle University and Sacramento Kings star Lionel Simmons. “It's just getting together to help someone who needs our help,” said Simmons. “It's an opportunity for people to see people they haven ...

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