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1956 NBA Mvp Winner Bob Pettit News

Volunteering Opportunities: Week of May 25

The Daily Courier
Fort Whipple Museum encourages volunteers to become docents for visitors and guests, by sharing the history and impact of this cultural center located on the Bob Stump Memorial Veterans Hospital grounds (500 N. Highway. 89). Get involved by becoming a ...

1956 NBA Mvp Winner Bob Pettit News

Sports Roundup: Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bob Weuve (19), Newton; 32. Andy Snider (44D), Des Moines; 33. Mark Johnson (45), Des Moines. Heat 1—1. Selvage; 2. Brown; 3. Schneiderman; 4. Madsen; 5. Balog; 6. Johnson; 7. Martin; 8. Gossel; 9. M. Johnson. Heat 2—1. Dobmeier; 2. Heskin; 3 ...

1956 NBA Mvp Winner Bob Pettit News

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Buffalo News
Bridge Club Meridian Monday morning – North-south, A: Jim Gullo and Eleanor Whelan, 65.74%; B: Anne Watkins and Bob Andersen, 52.78%; C: Rajat Basu and Ted Kahn, 38.19%; east-west, A: Mike Ryan and Judy Graf, 62.27%; B: Art Morth and Sharon Wilcox, 52 ...

1956 NBA Mvp Winner Bob Pettit News

Hall of Famer Pettit admires Hawks from afar

Atlanta Journal Constitution
Bob Pettit knows a thing or two about the playoffs. He was on the only Hawks team to win an NBA championship and that came in 1958 when the franchise was located in St. Louis. Long retired, the 82-year-old Hall of Famer watches the team-oriented, ...

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