Who Won the 2011
NBA Most Improved

Kevin Love

Minnesota Timberwolves

2010 NBA Most Improved Winner
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2011 NBA Most Improved Winner Kevin Love News

Kevin Love: Cavaliers star needs to move on

For that role, Love is perfect. There are few power forwards that can shoot as well as he does (if you need proof then search for the three-point contest he won in 2012; beat Kevin Durant). He's also a historically good rebounder; the 31 rebounds he ...

2011 NBA Most Improved Winner Kevin Love News

Lebron James, Kevin Love and the Google Memo

Power Line (blog)
Q. “Didn't your stereotyping just create a Hostile Work Environment for your white teammates like Kevin Love? How can Kevin Love continue to play on the same team with a hate-filled bigot like yourself who doesn't believe he deserves to be in the NBA?”.

2011 NBA Most Improved Winner Kevin Love News

No one is talking about Kevin Love, and there's nothing wrong with that

Fear the Sword
Kevin Love has slowly chipped away at the negative attitude fans have had towards him since his arrival over three years ago. Controversy has circled the Cleveland Cavaliers since before the offseason even began and Love has been the one member of ...

2011 NBA Most Improved Winner Kevin Love News

Oklahoma City Thunder Off-season Whiteboard trade scenario to obtain Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson

Welcome to Loud City
Either way, as a Thunder fan, the reasoning for Kyrie's discontent with Cleveland is not my problem, but I think Sam Presti could see this as an opportunity to step in and finagle Kevin Love to Oklahoma City— even as unlikely as that sounds. Allegedly ...

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