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Burkina Faso Army: President Compaore Has Resigned
Voice of America
Burkina Faso's army said President Blaise Compaore has stepped down after 27 years in power. Burkina24 news quoted an army spokesman as saying the president resigned Friday, a day after demonstrators set fire to parliament to protest a measure that ...

2013 MLB Allstar Game Winner  News

Eric Frein Shackled With Slain Trooper's Handcuffs After Capture
ABC News
A self-trained survivalist was shackled in the handcuffs used by a Pennsylvania state trooper he allegedly killed in an ambush last month, the state police commissioner said during a news conference. U.S. Marshals captured Eric Frein outside an abandoned ...

2013 MLB Allstar Game Winner  News

Halloween hobbled by Politically Correct, religious nuts and food police?
AS GHOSTS and goblins and Gagas gather at your door tonight, can it be that Halloween is under attack? Can some aspects of it be racist? The average amount spent by celebrants - candy, decor, costumes - was $75.03 last year, according to the National ...

2013 MLB Allstar Game Winner  News

Stocks jump as Japan index leaps 4.8%
U.S. stocks are jumping Friday, topping their recent highs and erasing the losses from the early-October swoon, as investors cheered a move by the Bank of Japan to add more stimulus to its ailing economy. Japan's Nikkei 225 took a super-sized 4.8% leap on ...


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