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2012 MLB Allstar Game Winner National News

McCain's Odd Definition of 'Leading the Fight to Stop Obamacare'

National Review
Obamacare is failing Arizonans. First, a massive rate hike more than twice the national average. Then, America's largest health insurer abandoned Arizona's failing Obamacare exchange. That's devastating – especially to rural counties. Congresswoman Ann ...

2012 MLB Allstar Game Winner National News

In Anthony Scaramucci, the president has found his man.

National Review
It's been just one week since Anthony Scaramucci became the White House communications director, and the Trump show has already torn through three seasons of plot. It kicked off with the relaxation of the Russia debacle after Jared Kushner's fairly ...

2012 MLB Allstar Game Winner National News

The liberals' cult of Justin Trudeau

National Review
'Justin Trudeau: Why Can't He Be Our President?” asks the cover of the latest edition of Rolling Stone. Well, the Constitution. But let's assume Canada's prime minister was born an American citizen: On the strength of the slavering, feverish, ...

2012 MLB Allstar Game Winner National News

Australia earns historic win over US women, who struggle in Tournament of Nations opener

It was why Lindsey Horan started alongside Christen Press as a forward, a role Horan has played elsewhere but not with the national team. What will worry, disappoint, frustrate or infuriate many is that the U.S. women again generally failed to threaten ...

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