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2003 MLB NL Mvp Winner Barry Bonds News

How Sherwin-Williams' cute charity promotion at Angel Stadium turned into a PR problem

Los Angeles Times
Frazee Paint, which is now owned by Sherwin-Williams, had a clever idea back in 2014 of how to look like a friend of philanthropy. Frazee placed a giant mock-up of a paint can in Angel Stadium just beyond the left-center field fence, along with a sign ...

2003 MLB NL Mvp Winner Barry Bonds News

A healthy Giancarlo Stanton ignites talk of chasing the home run record

Los Angeles Times
There is a fanciful notion that legitimacy is conferred by a line in the record book, as black and white as the type on the page or the line on the screen. Legitimacy is in the eye of the beholder. You can read that Barry Bonds holds the legitimate ...

2003 MLB NL Mvp Winner Barry Bonds News

Giancarlo Stanton Is Chasing an MLB Home Run Record, but Whose?

Home run number 55 was one of those shots that only Giancarlo Stanton, maybe, in the whole of professional baseball can hit. In the bottom of the fourth inning, not an arcing moonshot to left field but a viciously cracked laser beam that hardly seemed ...

2003 MLB NL Mvp Winner Barry Bonds News

Ken Rosenthal: Barry Bonds is still the single-season HR champ

Giancarlo Stanton is getting close to the once-magical 61 HR mark. But if he wants to be considered the single-season HR champ, Ken Rosenthal thinks he needs to break Barry Bonds' record, like it or not. Giancarlo Stanton · Miami Marlins · MLB · NL ...

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