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1988 MLB AL Mvp Winner Jose Canseco News

Wade Boggs On WFAN: Story About Wanting To Go Into Hall Of Fame As Devil Ray Is Rumor Gone Amok

CBS New York
“I think it came from when Jose Canseco said, 'If I get in the Hall of Fame, I'm going in as a Devil Ray,'” Boggs said. “And someone probably misconstrued that I said that and that Mr. (Vincent) Naimoli offered me a million dollars to be the first ...

1988 MLB AL Mvp Winner Jose Canseco News

Citizen Caen is now Private Caen, 1947

“Jose,” my sports editor said. I drove the 20 miles to the ballpark in 13 minutes. I didn't have time to read the speedometer, because I was tying my shoes but I think Jose Canseco would have been proud. I arrived at the bizarre, shotgun press ...

1988 MLB AL Mvp Winner Jose Canseco News

Jose Canseco says he 'can hit a softball further than Aaron Judge can hit a baseball'

New York Daily News
Judging by his Twitter, Jose Canseco believes he's still a better slugger than Aaron Judge. Canseco took shots at the Yankees outfielder on Twitter Thursday night, claiming that even at the age of 53 he still has more power than Judge. At least in ...

1988 MLB AL Mvp Winner Jose Canseco News

Jose Canseco wants everyone to know he could outhit Aaron Judge

SB Nation
Jose Canseco, in his pure and mostly hilarious Twitter form, thinks he can outhit Aaron Judge. You may remember other such Canseco Twitter gems such as dog puke, time travel being possible, and his nearly amputated finger after a poker night gone wrong.

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