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Thurman Munson

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1976 MLB AL Mvp Winner Thurman Munson News

Negron: Bobby Murcer Always Missed

NY Sports Day
He was a big brother to Thurman Munson and there is no way Munson would have become the great Yankee he was and great leader without the tutelage of the the grand Mr. Murcer. If I didn't witness this myself, I wouldn't say it, but as God as my witness, ...

1976 MLB AL Mvp Winner Thurman Munson News

On this day: March 22

It was the first death of active major league players since Thurman Munson in 1979. OTD March 22 - USAir Flight 405_1936274645747221 National Transportation Safety Board via Wikimedia Commons. 1992: USAir Flight 405 crashes into Flushing Bay ...

1976 MLB AL Mvp Winner Thurman Munson News

That Time the Yankees Had a Mascot, and Some Replacement Ideas

Yanks Go Yard
Dandy wasn't based on anyone in particular, though some rumors have stuck around that he was inspired by celebrated Yankees catcher Thurman Munson. “My first idea was to do an old fashioned Yankee player,” Erickson explains, “I did a lot of research on ...

1976 MLB AL Mvp Winner Thurman Munson News

Sports history has been filled with 'hair' apparents

Rochester Business Journal
Four years later, catcher Thurman Munson, angry with Steinbrenner, decided to get back at his boss by growing a beard during a road trip. Steinbrenner retaliated by taking out his ire on Billy Martin, saying the manager had lost control of the ballclub ...

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