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1940 MLB AL Mvp Winner Hank Greenberg News

Binghamton grad's Kofax moment: He tapes Shabbat talk

The Jewish Star
Don Greenberg — presumably no relation to Hank Greenberg, another famed Jewish baseball player who sat out a pivotal game on Yom Kippur — was slated to be a student speaker at the Saturday, May 16, commencement ceremony for Binghamton ...

1940 MLB AL Mvp Winner Hank Greenberg News

Bank Breakups and Bribery Abroad

Bloomberg View
As AIG expands into China and the Soviet Union and offers insurance for kidnapping and a secret satellite, Greenberg slays a Hungarian stag, outfoxes Mikhail Gorbachev, yells at Ferdinand Marcos and rescues a jailed colleague accused by Iran of spying ...

1940 MLB AL Mvp Winner Hank Greenberg News

The Wrath of Hank: Ex-AIG CEO Greenberg Won't Give Up at Age 90

Maurice “HankGreenberg spent some of his 90th birthday party like he's spent much of the past decade: angry. As he addressed his family at a lunch at a private estate this month, one of his sons made another laugh. Then their sister cracked up ...

1940 MLB AL Mvp Winner Hank Greenberg News

Hank Greenberg's AIG Case Might Not Be Open And Shut

The scene is galling. Ousted AIG CEO Hank Greenberg, still stunningly wealthy by any standard, has sued the federal government for saving his company in the midst of a crisis when thousands of Americans were losing their jobs and their homes. It's hard ...

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