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Hank Greenberg

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1939 MLB AL Mvp Winner
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1940 MLB AL Mvp Winner Hank Greenberg News

Evan Greenberg, Long in Father's Shadow, Comes Into His Own

Evan Greenberg may never build something quite as massive as his old man did -- but he's been trying. Fifteen years after defecting from the insurance giant that was put together by his father, the legendary Maurice “HankGreenberg, the son is ...


1940 MLB AL Mvp Winner Hank Greenberg News

Hank Greenberg: I Could Have Fought for AIG But Spitzer Forced Me Out

Fox Business
Former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg is appealing a federal judge's decision to not award himself and 275,000 shareholders any of the $40 billion in damages they were seeking in the AIG case, even though the judge ruled the bailout was illegal. “I think that ...

1940 MLB AL Mvp Winner Hank Greenberg News

Hank Greenberg and the Government Both Losers in AIG Decision

Institutional Investor
The case Judge Thomas Wheeler ruled on last week, which pitted Starr chief Maurice (“Hank”) Greenberg, former longtime CEO of American International Group, against the U.S. government, had no good guys or even any winners, for that matter. Greenberg ...

1940 MLB AL Mvp Winner Hank Greenberg News

Exclusive: Maurice "Hank" Greenberg Cues Up for Cuba Biz

Fox Business
Insurance titan Maurice “HankGreenberg is the latest U.S. businessman looking to possibly expand in Cuba now that the Obama Administration has reversed more than 50 years of policy and has taken the first steps toward normalizing relations with the ...

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