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1931 MLB AL Mvp Winner Lefty Grove News

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Norwalk Reflector
Eagles Club: Hudson Bauer two singles, Preston Bleile one single, Casey Fries three singles, Landon Fries one single, Weston Gfell two sigles, Noah Helton two singles, Jack Pittenger one single, Leona Priest one single, Leeland Ramsey one single, two ...

1931 MLB AL Mvp Winner Lefty Grove News

Norwalk Reflector: Wendt applauds cop's maturity during 'high ...

Norwalk Reflector
Norwalk Safety-Service Director Dan Wendt applauded the maturity of a police officer in calling off a pursuit for the sake of public safety. Chris Kelley was the ...

1931 MLB AL Mvp Winner Lefty Grove News

BUSEK: For sale sign sparks memories of a great neighbor

Norwalk Reflector
Most people these days get reminded of Ike Liedorff at Lefty Grove games. He coached Little League here for 55 years. In 2006, the Teen League diamond was dedicated as Ike Liedorff Field. And the Lefty Grove sportsmanship award is now called the Ike ...

1931 MLB AL Mvp Winner Lefty Grove News

Tigers' Michael Fulmer ranks among baseball's all-time best early in his career

Bless You Boys (blog)
Fulmer has a better ERA+ in his first two years than Tom Seaver, Brett Saberhagen, and even Lefty Grove. Fulmer continues to defy all expectations as he keeps on improving and adjusting in order to dominate like a true ace starter. He has been the ...

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