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1927 MLB AL Mvp Winner Lou Gehrig News

Two-year-old's mom claims son is reincarnation of Lou Gehrig

Byrd claims her son Christian is a reincarnation of baseball legend Lou Gehrig. This may sound a bit loony, but Byrd claims she never believed in reincarnation until countless Google searches and books on Gehrig proved statements Christian made about ...

1927 MLB AL Mvp Winner Lou Gehrig News

Meet the Boy Who Believes He Was Lou Gehrig in a Past Life (His Mom Is Convinced, Too)

But in her new memoir, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, Byrd shares an even more improbable story that even she had trouble believing at first: She claims that Christian was the reincarnation of baseball legend Lou Gehrig, who played for the Yankees nearly ...

1927 MLB AL Mvp Winner Lou Gehrig News

49ers Legend Dwight Clark Has Lou Gehrig's Disease

Breitbart News
San Francisco 49ers legendary wide receiver Dwight Clark has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Clark made 49ers history with a fingertip catch to give San Francisco a win over Dallas in the January 10, 1982, ...

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1927 MLB AL Mvp Winner Lou Gehrig News

Football greats Dwight Clark, Gale Sayers battle brain diseases

The neurodegenerative disease -- also known as Lou Gehrig's disease -- disrupts the connection between the brain and the muscles and can eventually leave sufferers paralyzed but with brain function, or "locked in." Some experts have hypothesized that ...

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