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1911 MLB AL Mvp Winner Ty Cobb News

Historic Arizona motel visited by Ty Cobb, Willie Mays, Hollywood stars, possibly JFK sold

Phoenix Business Journal
The motel opened in 1939 and was on the site of a hot springs discovered by late former owners Ted and Alice Sliger. The Buckhorn has been closed since 1999. But the 15.6-acre property at Recker and Main Street has quite a history. Major League ...

1911 MLB AL Mvp Winner Ty Cobb News

New York Times steakhouse scoop: 'Hey, isn't that that Trump lawyer?'

Washington Post
As it turned out, yes, it was that Trump lawyer, Ty Cobb, who has a “trademark handlebar mustache,” in Vogel's description. Thus evolved one of the great stories of the young Trump administration: “Trump Lawyers Clash Over How Much to Cooperate With ...

1911 MLB AL Mvp Winner Ty Cobb News

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Above the Law
I MEAN, WE HAVE A STAFF ATTORNEY WHO PLEADED GUILTY TO CHILD PORN TODAY: And yet I'm still somehow more disgusted by Ty Cobb. Cobb was in SIDEWALK SEATING. ANYBODY could have walked by. And he's talking about responsive ...

1911 MLB AL Mvp Winner Ty Cobb News

John Dowd and Ty Cobb talk anything but hits, Pete Rose over lunch

John Dowd, Pete Rose's archenemy for decades, and Ty Cobb, a lawyer who coincidentally bears the same name as the Hall of Fame baseball player the Hit King passed when he recorded his 4,192nd hit on Sept. 11, 1985, are attorneys for President ...

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