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Gold's demise bar none ... well, four

The Australian
In a vault deep in the basement of the Reserve Bank's Martin Place headquarters in Sydney sits a hoard of gold bars worth about $US500,000 each — all four of them. The RBA now holds almost the entirety of the nation's gold in vaults administered by ...

1918 CFL Grey Cup Winner NONE News

Nawaz Sharif Is Not The First, None Of The Pakistani PMs Have Completed 5-Year Term In 70 Years

Pakistan has been around for seventy years. During this period, the country has gone through a lot of changes, but one thing has remained unchanged. The prime minister will not complete his/ her full term of five years in office. This has been the case ...

1918 CFL Grey Cup Winner NONE News

'None of us should stand silent' while civilians suffer in Syria, Security Council told

UN News Centre
In the makeshift camp at Ain Issa, north of the Raqqa in Syria, a girl carries a UNICEF backpack and some clothing. More than 6,000 people live in harsh conditions and the numbers continue to rise as violence escalates in the area. UNICEF/Souleiman ...

1918 CFL Grey Cup Winner NONE News

"Type one to type none"

Over 160 children with Type 1 Diabetes from all over the United States went to Washington, DC as part of the JDRF Children's Congress. They went to meet with their local representatives and senators and talk to them about why diabetes research and ...

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