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1972 ATT Classic Winner Bob Lunn News

No. 3-ranked Cardinals look to defend state running crown

Fairmont Sentinel
2nd row: Emma Gudahl, Anna Sundblad, Annie Mittelstadt, Becca Lunn, Elora Ramon, Emily Kerekes, Iliana Ramon, Tabitha Willner, Emma Koehler, Mia Acosta, Kobi Malo and Yatzi Balderas. 3rd row: Assistant coach Holly Neusch, assistant ... If any one of ...

1972 ATT Classic Winner Bob Lunn News

Roy Lunn, Father of the Ford GT40 and Jeep Cherokee, Passes Away at 92

The Drive
When we think of car industry titans, our minds go straight to big names like Henry Ford, Lee Iacocca, and Bob Lutz. However, there are plenty of other figures who often get overlooked in spite of their roles in shaping what the car industry looks like ...

1972 ATT Classic Winner Bob Lunn News

FDOT says no to help for Treasure Island bridge

Tampa Bay Newspapers
Commissioners Larry Lunn and Deb Toth voiced support for keeping Davis in her current role of interim city manager and finance director. Mayor Bob Minning agreed. “It doesn't make any sense to bring in someone for about five months who is without ...

1972 ATT Classic Winner Bob Lunn News

Was Agatha Christie's Mysterious Amnesia Real or Revenge on Her Cheating Spouse?

Scientific American
One evening Christie was recognized in the hotel by the musician Bob Tappin. He notified the police, and .... To which Lunn responded, “Who is going to compensate the thousands of people who were deliberately misled by this cruel hoax?” JoynsonHicks ...

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